Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Top Holi Wishing Message for Boss, Sister, Lover and friends || Happy Holi Friends

Hiiiii Friends,

I am came here just for inform you now you have no more than time for Happy holi 2016, So
please quickly come here and than get Best Message regarding of Happy holi,So Why are you lait
friend, In My previous Post I had shared with you "Happy Holi 2016 Greetings Cards || Ecards Pics ||Holi Wallpapers || Holi Image" Top Wallpapers , Ecard Of Holi If You want this then go there and then get best sms Quotes , If you want more than Message, Quotes, sms Wishes, Wallpapers Of Happy holi then come here "Happy Holi 2016" then send your closed Friends, relative
and made this moment very happly and enjoy fully,

Top Holi Wishing Message for Boss, sister, Lover and friends--

* “Happy Holi wishes for my dearest teacher. I am much grateful to have you as my teacher and send     gifts for the festival of colours to show my appreciation.”
    Happy holi

* “Through this text, I wish my sweetheart girlfriend a happy and joyful Holi celebration. I hope you      have a grand merriment of the festival of colours with the coloured gulal on your face.”
     Happy holi

* “For my dear friend, I wish you a happy Holi and send beautiful gifts for the festival. Make your          life more colourful with the coloured gulal and bring happiness in every moment.”Happy holi

* “For a sister close to my heart, I send sweet happy Holi wishes with love and gifts. I hope you              celebrate the festival of colours well with coloured gulal amongst your friends and loved                      ones.”Happy holi

Holi Messages for Boss--

* “For my romantic lover, I wish you a happy Holi celebration. I also send coloured gulal for you           with love and hope your life be also become vibrant like the beautiful colours.”
    Happy holi

Holi Message In Hindi-

* प्यार के रंगों से भरो पिचकारी,
   स्नेह के रंगों से रंग दो दुनिया सारी
  ये रंग न जाने न कोई जात न बोली,
   सबको हो मुबारक ये हैप्पी होली!
   Happy holi

* पिचकारी की धार, गुलाल की बौछार,
   अपनों का प्यार,यही है यारों होली का त्यौहार.
   हैप्पी होली!!!! Happy holi

* अपुन विशिंग यू अ वंडरफुल,
   एकदम मस्त एंड धिनचक,
   बोले तो एकदम झकास
  “ हैप्पी होली”. Happy holi

* राधा का रंग और कान्हा की पिचकारी ,
   प्यार के रंग से रंग दो दुनिया सारी ,
  ये रंग न जाने कोई जात न कोई बोली
  मुबारक हो आपको
  रंग भरी होली !!
Happy holi


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